March 2016 Newsletter

Another year is about to come to an end for CECPTA before the new board takes over.  If you see any of the current board members, please let them know their work is greatly appreciated because without the volunteer work of the board, there would be no CECPTA. No playgroups where you can chat it up with other moms while paying no attention to your kid as they run frantically through the mall play area; no mom’s night out where stories are shared but all forgotten the next day because of the never ending supply of wine; no fantastic auction where you see the crazy lady slapping peoples’ hand while still bidding after the auction closed; no community service projects where you can give your clothes which will fit you once you never lose those last 5 pounds, books that you say will read but has been allotted the duty of door stop, and all that other stuff you hoard around the house which qualifies you to be on TLC’s buried alive. So be grateful for the CECPTA. Because I for sure know I am… how else did you think they got me to be President again.

Hoanyen Vo
CECPTA President 2015-2017

Just a reminder, there will not be an Easter Egg Hunt for the entire CECPTA this year. I would advise that each playgroup sets up their own hunt if you so wish to have one.
I just want to take this moment to thank Meredith Liewehr and Pedia Q for all they have contributed to our group thus far.  From the wonderful auction baskets at both auctions to the catering of several of our meetings.  And the face painter at last month’s meeting was a total success, as I can tell from all the smiles from children at pick up. I know of a member who has used Pedia Q services and had a great experience.  If you wold like to learn more, please feel free to visit their website at
March 18th –  9:30am: General Meeting at Holy Covenant Church
March 19th – 10am: Saint Patrick’s Day Party at Kid Country in Coppell,
April  8th –  9:30am: General Meeting at Holy Covenant Church
April’s Member’s Night Out: Texas Star Bingo hosted by Stacy Groner. Date TBD

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