October 2015 Newsletter


What a fun time I had at this past Pumpkin Patch Party!  This would be my 6th year attending the pumpkin patch with CECPTA….come to think of it, it’s the only time I go to a pumpkin patch. Shh, don’t tell my older boys. With fall comes cooler weather (for everywhere else but Texas), all things pumpkin (from decorations, food, and drinks) and the reminder that it’s the start of the holidays (Halloween will soon be here, then Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner).
But October is also a reminder that our Annual Auction is coming soon (save the date November 13th). Our fabulous auction committee (can I get a whop whop for Leslie Wood and Amy Adams) will yet again organize another auction you don’t want to miss. And I hope to see you at tomorrow’s meeting.Your parenthesis happy president (if you haven’t noticed by now),
Hoanyen Vo
October 9th  –  9:30am: General Meeting at Holy Covenant Church
October 12th  –  7:00pm: October Member’s Night Out – Dinner at Mexican Sugar  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b054caba82daa8-20152016
October 16th  –  10:00am: Community Project at Healing Hands http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d4aa8ae2ea4ff2-cecpta
October 19th  –  7:00pm: Bunco http://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0e4ca5ac2fa75-october
October 24th  –  5:00pm: Annual Trunk or Treat at Homestead Elementary
November 13th  –  9:30am: Annual Silent Auction at Holy Covenant Church
December 11 – 7:00pm: Fifth Annual CECPTA’s Member’s Night Out “Favorite Things Party”
Please welcome the following new members to CECPTA:

Jamie Winkler with Mason and Luke
Dung Nguyen with Wynn and My
Norma Menjivar with Nikolas and Sebastian
Melissa Anderson with Anna
Summer Whitlock with Cameron
Jessica Mohrweis with Maxwell and Ellis
Kristin Moore with Scout
Lina Gonzalez with Matoe
Lana Lam with Austin
Amy Bird with Evie, Silas, and Josie
Katie Bayley with Charlie
Cate Crane with Blake

Mary Mott – October 24
Nuha Galindo – October 30
Lina Gonzalez – October 30
Lisa Howell – November 6
Jee Lee – November 7
Charlene Causey – November 8
Cortnee Maestas – November 12
Hurry and renew your membership now.  The deadline is October 15th. Anyone not current with their membership dues will be removed from our email list and google groups. Don’t let this happen cause you don’t want to miss my monthly newsletter chockful of information. For more information about your membership status, please contact our membership chair Sherry Cramer, sherrycramer@hotmail.com
“Money doesn’t grow on trees” or a clothes line.  Our parent education topic this month is talking to your kids about money. For more information, click this link: http://www.babycenter.com/0_kids-and-money-what-to-expect-and-when_10304093.bc
Did you know we have a sunshine program? If your family is ever under any stress, whether it be with a newborn, hospitalization of a family member, or death in the family, please feel free to sign up for some sunshine via Katie Bimmerle, katiebimmerle@yahoo.com.  She will set up a meal calendar where members will bring you meals on designated days so that the stress of that life event is lessen.  This is a pay it forward program, so please consider bringing meals to others in need if you have also received some sunshine.

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