July 2015 Newsletter











I’m a survivor.  33 days and counting. Almost to the half way mark because only 44 days left before the kids go back to school.  Many of you are first time parents, with your first born not yet hoisting a back pack every August. But for those who have older kids, you understand my pain and agony of having the kids at home everyday for the duration of the summer. But the summer blues wasn’t in the forecast. This year, I scheduled library time, play dates, outings to local attractions (many which had to be free cause paying for a party of four eats into my retail therapy budget), camps, VBS, more VBS, pool time, down time, and did I mention VBS. During my research for activities, I was blown away at what was readily available to keep kids busy. So, what do you do to keep the kids busy for the 77 days of summer? Share your sanity savers at our Facebook page.

Hoanyen Vo

CECPTA President

September 11 –  9:30am: General Meeting at Holy Covenant Church
December 11 – 7:00pm: Fifth Annual CECPTA’s Member’s Night Out “Favorite Things Party”


Jessica Amason – July 14
Delia Kemp – July 15
Amy Adams – July 17
Meredith Miller – July 17
Brianna Aguilar – July 25
Eli Updike – July 25
Hillary Picou – August 2
Belinda Shanabrook – August 10
Kimberly Arellano – August 15


As we stroll into this next chapter of CECPTA, we say good-bye to our beloved Yellow Playgroup.  We hope they all keep in touch with each other as their child embarks on the adventure that is called Kindergarten.  We would  like to also announce our newest Orange playgroup with Jessica Christensen as the chair.  This playgroup is for those born in September 2014 to present.  If you have any questions regarding playgroups, please contact Kari Enge at kroae.enge@gmail.com

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